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Watch Service – Watcheck

  • Full Service, professional watch repair
  • Expertise and many years of experience

  • The most modern tools and machinery

  • Specializing in modern and vintage watch repair

  • Free assessment, free delivery, 2-year warranty

Professional watch repair service

The company owns a fully equipped and professional watch repair shop located in the heart of Athens. Watcheck. We are specialists in repairing expensive watches from world renowned brands like Rolex, Breitling, Patek Philippe, Tag Heuer, Bulgari, Cartier, Omega, Baume Et Mercier, Piaget, Hublot, Longines, Panerai, Tissot, Raymond Wei and many other modern and vintage brands. We offer the highest quality of skills and craftsmanship accompanied by years of experience, in a workshop full of the latest, state-of-the-art tools defined by the Swiss standards. We guarantee that your watch gets VIP treatment every time.
Anything less … it is not Watcheck!

Full Watch Service

2-year warranty with full watch service

Partial repair with cleaning

Partial repair with polishing

Watch Repair Service

Perfection is in the details
Excellent expertise, attention to the slightest details and accuracy

Full Watch Service – Repair steps

Innovation and choices

Partial repair with cleaning

Our watchmaker removes the mechanism from the case.
Case and bracelet are placed in an ultrasonic washing machine.
Once the washing process is complete, all the flanges are replaced.
The mechanism is placed back in the case.
Sealing is checked in a compression and decompression sealing machine.
The movement accuracy is checked on an electronic timing device.
Adjustments are made as necessary.

Partial repair with polishing

Our watchmaker removes the mechanism from the case.
Case and bracelet are confided for polishing.
The frame and the bracelet are polished by an experienced polisher.
After the polishing process is completed, the case and bracelet are placed in the ultrasonic washing machine.
All watch flanges are replaced.
The watchmaker places the mechanism in the case.
Sealing is checked in a compression and decompression sealing machine.
The movement accuracy is checked on an electronic timing engine.
Adjustments are made as necessary.

Your watch reflects your character

Personal style and the way in which people display themselves can make a first impression and show their overall attitude. Have a look at them and you can evaluate them by some basic aspects: their clothes, their haircut, the way they walk and then their watch. A wristwatch is a powerful tool that not only gives the user the ability to tell time (we secure with great precision) but also transmits a personal sense of style perhaps more than any other accessory.

Company – Curriculum Vitae

Our watchmaker and company founder of Watcheck, Konstantinos Papadopoulos, graduated from the Greek-Swiss Watchmaking Center in 1987. His skills, his expertise and his passion for watches led him to be a Professor at the same school only a year later where he remained until 1995.
At the same time, he worked as a technician at the largest Jewelry and Watch House in Athens, representing the biggest brands of Swiss watches (Baume et Mercier, Breitling, Piaget, Tiffanys, Alexis Barteley, Girard – Perregaux), owned by the Vouraki family.
In 1993, having gained a great amount of experience, he works at Flam Hellas, which represented Cartier house
Two years later he started working at Rolex Hellas where he remained for 19 years.


Protect your watch from strong magnetism, scratches and chemicals such as cleansers, fragrances, hair sprays. Even high temperatures like those that occur in a sauna or direct sun light hurt your watch.
Batteries must always be replaced after the lifetime stated by the manufacturer even if the watch is still working. This way you can secure that your watch will not be destroyed by a leaking battery.
Salt water can cause permanent damage to your watch metal. After a dip in the sea it must always be rinsed with clean water.
The precision and value of your watch can be preserved by entrusting it regularly to our modern and equipped with state-of-the-art machinery workshop. For quartz watches our watchmaker will gladly advise you about when service or cleaning your watch is needed. Mechanical watches need service every two to five years according to the manufacturer’s standard specifications.

Frequent questions

We can send your watch via any way you ask us and anywhere.
Of course! Based on Greek legislation, our company has been declared to perform Intra-Union Transactions.
We give a written warranty of 2 years. The warranty does not cover any damage or harm resulting from an accident or poor handling of the watch.
Our company has a POS machine for debit and credit cards.
Watcheck as a pioneer and innovator allows you to track the progress of repairing your watch at any time by clicking on the corresponding section of the site.
In most cases, our technician will inform you directly about the cost and completion date of the repair. If your watch needs replacement parts, the update will be made one day after the reception of the watch.